Lawn Services We Offer

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 "We are here to help YOU create your lush, healthy & green grass." 

Palmetto Lawn Services SC, LLC is a BBB Acredited Business


We believe that every project begins with a clear understanding of our client’s expectations and long-term goals.

We recognize that every property and project is unique and therefore requires a long-term plan to improve its overall health and appearance. We are committed to making this happen through clear & transparent communication, building trust, being honest, & offering alternative &natural soil reconditioning & amendments as we strive to maintain all properties in accordance with the highest horticultural standards & best practices.

Palmetto Lawn Services Available:

Core Aeration (May - Aug) 

Top Dressing (Jan - Dec) 

Fertilizing (April - Aug) 

Lawn Mowing (March - Nov) 

Overseeding (May - June)

Dethatching (March - May) 

Spring & Fall Cleanups (Spring & Fall)

Soil pH Testing (Jan - Dec) 

Pick Up & Delivery (Jan - Dec) 

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

TopDressing with Mirimichi Green Products
Mirimichi Green

Got Grass?  

What's your lawn turf goal?  Lush, Healthy &  green-looking lawn?

We Can Help, but First,

We recommend you get a Standard Ph Soil Test to help assist as a management tool to help in decisions related to fertilizer, sulfur and limestone applications.  You can DIY or We can provide this service for you.   Choose this option on your quote.

Establishing and maintaining healthy soil is vital to any successful landscaping program.

Note:    Palmetto Lawn Services offered is for your lawn soil reconditioning & soil amendments only.  

Our program does not include post-Emergent weed control for existing weeds or Nutgrass or Insect or disease infestation on your lawn which will require a licensed professional to treat your turf, depending on environmental conditions.  The best way to combat against weeds is a thick & healthy turf. 

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