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 "We are here to help YOU create your lush, healthy & green grass." 

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Founder of Palmetto Lawn Service, Joe Taylor

Veteran Owned & Locally Operated Co.,  Joe Taylor is a first-generation immigrant from Subic Bay, Philippines.  I have been visiting & living in Charleston SC on/off since 1984.  I finally called Charleston & the Low Country my home after serving in the military in 1995.  I appreciate the amazing opportunity to be a resident & homeowner here, in Berkeley County. 


The reason Palmetto Lawn Service opened is because I was having soil compaction issues with my lawn.   After a recent purchase of a new, home in an HOA subdivision, my sod started to die after a year.   I decided to research and found out that minerals from the soil were removed from the scraping & leveling of the new, built home lot.  In order to keep the Lawn thick and healthy in Charleston, it needs Soil Testing + Core Aeration + Top Dressing + Fertilizing & Weed & Insecticide control in addition to other maintenance regimen.  The turf needs a long-term plan to improve its overall health and appearance, using horticultural standards & best practices. 


The compaction in our sandy/clay soil caused by machines on new build homes and hi traffic, requires Core Aeration (at least once a year) to allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.  It could also use Carbon + Organic Material Top Dressings multiple times aside from the Fertilizer, Pesticides, Insecticides, Cutting the grass at the correct height regularly, & watering will also assist in helping the lawn look lush, healthy & green.


Palmetto Lawn Service was born to offer Mowing - Core Aeration - Top Dressing - Overseeding - Dethatching - Fertilizing - Soil pH Testing - & Other Lawn Care Maintenance Services to homeowners & local community.   Our services lessen the burden of renting, picking up & returning the equipment/machines (if available for rental), in addition to the labor to complete your lawn project.  We initialize your large, labor-intensive lawn project & give you reign and knowledge to get your lawn turf back to lush, healthy & green.


Palmetto Delivery Service also offer our clients who do not own a truck and/or trailer to pick up & deliver bulky Lawn Supplies, Lawn Rental Equipment, Golf Carts, ATVs, Furniture, or anything larger than you can haul.


My goal is to spread awareness of why Soil pH Testing, Core Aeration, Top Dressing, & Dethatching as an essential part of keeping your Lawn Healthy & Beautiful in the Charleston & Tri-County.   Check out Lawn Maintenance Calendar & contact us to receive a free PDF file for your turf type.  

This website was built " to help YOU create your lush, healthy & green grass." 

Thank you so much for visiting my site!

Joe Taylor